Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures can not only improve your smile but can also boost your self-confidence. The highly experienced, board-certified dentists and friendly staff at Madison Dental Group provide a full range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry services.

We offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures, including whitening and bleaching, porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings, crowns, bridges and dental implants. With as little as one trip, you can start your journey toward a happier, healthier smile.

For our new patients, we will provide a free whitening consultation. During our initial consultation, we will discuss which procedure is best suited for you to attain a world-class smile.

Bleaching (Tooth Whitening)

We have successfully treated over three thousand patients. The Madison Dental Group is one of the leading practices in home whitening treatment. The procedure is simple, safe and an effective tooth whitening process that lightens most tooth discolorations and gives you the bright smile you want.

Why Do Teeth Stain?

Tooth staining can fall into two categories. Extrinsic, or external staining refers to the type that is formed on the outside of the teeth. Because the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) is porous, substances such as dark liquids, food and tobacco can sink into the layers of the teeth causing this type of staining. Intrinsic, or internal staining refers to the actual discoloration of the internal structure of the teeth and is usually more difficult to remove than an external stain.

You can develop teeth staining and discoloration from a variety of causes:

  • Eating & Drinking Habits - Regular consumption of coffee, soda, red wine and deeply colored fruit can result in significant staining over time.
  • Aging - Teeth darken as a result of normal wear and tear from our everyday lives. As we become older, our teeth can begin to show a yellow or brownish tinge from all the substances that have been absorbed over the years. The enamel that covers the teeth also gets thinner with age, allowing the underlying layer of yellowish dentin to become more exposed.
  • Tobacco - Smoking leaves brown stains on the surface of the teeth. Additionally, nicotine can cause intrinsic discoloration by leaving behind dark residue that is absorbed within the tooth.
  • Genetics - The natural thickness and shade of the enamel layer is hereditary and differs from person to person. Like variations in hair color, we are each born with our own base tooth color. Furthermore, the more dentin that can be seen through the enamel, the less bright and more yellow the teeth will appear.
  • Medications - Tetracycline usage or excessive fluoride consumption during tooth formation can discolor teeth.


During your diagnostic visit, we take impressions of your teeth so we can make thin, custom fit whitening trays that you can wear at night or during the day.

On your second visit, we fit your trays, give you the prescribed professional strength whitening gel and easy to follow instructions.

Follow the home use instructions and within 2 weeks there will be a dramatic difference in your smile. Most people begin to see whitening effects within a few days.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  • Corrects yellowed, stained and darkened tooth surfaces
  • Effective for people of all ages
  • Provides an almost permanent result
  • Restores brightness and vitality to your smile

Additional Services


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